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Analytics: Ensuring Actionable Results in Organizations
Analytics Speaker Series
Business Education Complex Rotunda
January 20, 2015 - 01:00 pm

Speakers will share their experiences with implementing analytics initiatives throughout an organization and address the challenges of moving methodologies from theory into the field.  An interactive discussion about the issues, considerations, and value added will follow.

RSVP by January 15, 2015 at business.lsu.edu/RSVP

Speaker's Bio:

Maureen Norton - Author of Analytics Across the Enterprise

Norton is coauthor of the published book, Analytics Across the Enterprise.  She is recognized by IBM as a Distinguished Market Insights Professional for outstanding leadership and expertise in the consultative practice of market insights.  Norton is currently working on the business analytics transformation team at IBM, helping to drive the widespread use of analytics across the enterprise.  Social media analytics, predictive and prescriptive anaytics, and optimization are her areas of interest.

Daniel Porter - Cofounder of Analytics Practice at BlueLabs

Porter is a cofounder and head of the analytics practice at BlueLabs, a Washington, D.C.-based analytics, data and technology company formed by the lead practitioners from the Obama 2012 Analytics Team.  On the Obama campaign, Porter was director of statistical modeling.  His team developed individual level statistical models that were used throughout the campaign for fundraisig, media buying, and state strategy.

Paul Codding - Product Manager at HortonWorks

Codding is a product manager at HortonWorks and has been working with IBM's Hadoop technology for more than two and a half years.  He also worked with many Fortune 500 companies on ther Hadoop strategy and implementation.  Codding brings a unique "on-the-ground" view of how organizations are successful at adopting and operationalizing Hadoop in the enterprise.