lecture image Computing the Arts & Humanities Lecture Series
Ambisonics: The Science and Art of Three-Dimensional Sound
Elainie Lillios, Bowling Green State University
Associate Professor of Composition and Coordinator of Music Technology
Frey Computing Services Center 307
September 20, 2006 - 01:30 pm
Ambisonics is a 360-degree, full sphere sound recording, synthesis, and playback system. It is capable of accurately recording, processing, and playing back sounds from left/right, front/back, and up/down. Incorporating the vertical dimension makes Ambisonics a true periphonic, or surrounding, sound reproduction system, not artificial 2D representation spread out over multiple loudspeakers. Ambisonics creates the aural or sonic impression of a physical, three-dimensional space, where sounds appear like objects floating in the listening area. "Ambisonics: The Science and Art of Three-Dimensional Sound" will present Ambisonic technology relative to current surround trends and share information on software development taking place at Bowling Green State University's New Media and Emerging Technology Center.
Speaker's Bio:
Elainie Lillios
Refreshments will be served.