Mission Statement 

The Center for Computation & Technology at Louisiana State University is an innovative and interdisciplinary research environment, advancing computational sciences, technologies, and the disciplines they touch. The Center serves Louisiana through international collaboration, leading progress through revolutionary advancement in academia and industry.

In supporting the Flagship Agenda of Louisiana State University, the Center for Computation & Technology:

  • Conducts and promotes research through active development programs, providing internal, competitive funding for faculty development, seeding the development of interdisciplinary research relationships at LSU, and for general research development, providing essential tools and resources to accelerate discovery;
  • Provides leadership, advanced infrastructures and support to invigorate computational science and technology on the LSU campus and across Louisiana ;
  • Provides partnership and support for joint faculty appointments in LSU academic departments, building areas of excellence in computational science and technology across disciplines and creating opportunities for new curricula development in scientific computing;
  • Affiliates with business and industry to help drive economic growth in Louisiana by building connections between research and applications for emerging tools and techniques in computational science and technology and by establishing research agreements that facilitate knowledge creation and application in industry;
  • Offers programs to stimulate and expand interdisciplinary, computational and technology driven research activity at LSU and beyond, including active visitor, travel, event, distinguished postdoctoral fellow and graduate student programs that provide new sources of support for collaboration, research, discovery and development;
  • Offers educational programs on scientific computing and emerging technology, encouraging the development of knowledge and skill in the computational tools and techniques available to undergraduate and graduate students as well as to research faculty and staff;
  • Joins other computational science and technology driven research centers, nationally and internationally, in advancing knowledge in and leading the evolution of scientific computing tools and techniques that facilitate scientific discovery.