Friday, January 20, 2012

 1:00-2:00 PM

 Welcome and Invited Talk
 Carol Woodward, Lawrence
 Livermore National Laboratory

 Nonlinear solvers for variably saturated subsurface flow
 2:00-2:15 PM  Break  
 2:15-2:30 PM  Andrew Barker, Louisiana
 State University
 A minimal communication approach to parallel time 
 2:30-2:35 PM  Discussion  
 2:35-2:50 PM  Carrie Manore, Tulane
 A network-patch model for mosquito-borne pathogens
 2:50-2:55 PM  Discussion  
 2:55-3:05 PM  Break  
 3:05-3:20 PM  Chris Davis, Louisiana
 State University
 Meshfree particle methods for thin plates
 3:20-3:25 PM  Discussion  
 3:25-3:40 PM  Songming Hou, Louisiana
 Tech University
 A numerical method for solving the elliptic and elasticity
 interface problems
 3:40-3:45 PM  Discussion  
 3:45-3:55 PM  Break  
 3:55-4:10 PM  Shawn Walker, Louisiana
 State University
 Automatic fast tetrahedral mesh generation of isosurfaces
 4:10-4:15 PM  Discussion  
 4:15-4:30 PM  Yu Liu, Tulane University  Central-upwind schemes for the Ripa system of shallow
 water equations
 4:30-4:35 PM  Discussion  
 4:35-5:45 PM  POSTER SESSION with
   Bryce Adelstein-Lelbach,
 Louisiana State University
 The active global address space
   Vinay Amatya, Louisiana
 State University
 Parcel routing feature for AGAS
   Brad Burkman, Louisiana
 School for Math, Science
 and the Arts
 Preparing students for computing and HPC
   Carmen Canavier, LSU
 Health Sciences Center
 Computational modeling of the regulation of
 pacemaker frequency in dopamine neurons
   Yuan Cheng, Louisiana
 Tech University
 OligoNucleotide microarray image analysis
   Yin Feng, Louisiana
 State University
 Computational study of fluid and heat transport in
 fractured porous media for geothermal energy extraction
   Shiyuan Gu, Louisiana
 State University
 Multigrid methods for a Biharmonic problem with
 boundary conditions of the Cahn-Hilliard type
   Carola Kaiser, Louisiana
 State University
 CERA web interface to support storm surge forecasting
   Elham Maghsoudi, Louisiana
 State University
 Optimization of spacecraft nano-mechanical memory
   Hoang-Ngan Nguyen, Tulane
 Error-reducing corrections for the method of regularized
 Stokeslet for fluid-membrane interactions
   Zhe Nan, Louisiana
 State University
 Hodge decomposition and Maxwell's interface problem
   Adrian Serio, Louisiana
 State University
 Solving n-body problem using HPX
   Ali Takbiri, Louisiana
 State University
 Effect of image resolution on LBM simulation results of
 porous media
   Jian Tao, Louisiana
 State University
 CaKernel - A GPGPU kernel abstraction and
 implementation for scientific computing on heterogeneous
   Doguhan Yilmaz, Louisiana
 State University
 Prediction of cuttings bed height with computational
 fluid dynamics in drilling horizontal and highly deviated
   Muhammad Zulqarnain,
 Louisiana State University

 Computational fluid dynamics based correlation to find the
 final cement volume fraction in Annuli during the
 primary cementing

   Yi Zhang, Louisiana
 State University
 Finite element methods for the displacement obstacle
 problem of clamped plates


Saturday, January 21, 2012

 9:00-10:00 AM  Invited Talk
 John Burkhardt, Florida
 State University
 Sparse grid collocation for uncertainty quantification
 10:00-10:10 AM  Break  
 10:10-10:25 AM  Xiaoliang Wan,
 Louisiana State University
 A minimum action method for random perturbations of
 Navier-Stokes equations
 10:25-10:30 AM  Discussion  
 10:30-10:45 AM

 Clayton Webster, Oak
 Ridge National Lab

 A stochastic collocation approach to constrained 
 optimization for random data identification problems
 10:45-10:50 AM  Discussion  
 10:50-11:00 AM  Break  
 11:00-11:15 AM  Kyle Hickmann, Tulane
 Quantifying the mean epidemic dynamics from large
 scale stochastic simulations
 11:15-11:20 AM  Discussion  
 11:20-11:35 AM  Eun-Hee Park, Louisiana
 State University
 A nonoverlapping domain decomposition preconditioner
 for a symmetric interior penalty method
 11:35-11:40 AM  Discussion  
 11:40-1:00 PM  Lunch (provided)  
 1:00-1:15 PM  R. Kaushik Ragavan,
 Louisiana State University
 Exact diagonalization of large scale Eigenvalue problems
 using GPU computing
 1:15-1:20 PM  Discussion  
 1:20-1:35 PM

 Yifan Wang, Louisiana
 Tech University

 Approaches of linearization in solving nonlinear PDE
 1:35-1:40 PM  Discussion  
 1:40-1:50 PM  Break  
 1:50-2:05 PM  Hoa Nguyen, Tulane
 Simulations of diatom chains in shear flow
 2:05-2:10 PM  Discussion  
 2:10-2:25 PM  Don Liu, Louisiana Tech
 Accurate methods and engineering applications
 2:25-2:30 PM  Discussion  
 2:30-2:40 PM  Break  
 2:40-2:55 PM  Mayank Tyagi, Louisiana
 State University
 Simulation of flow field around a gill filament of
 filter-feeding invertebrate
 2:55-3:00 PM  Discussion  
 3:00-3:15 PM  Bree Cummins, Tulane
 A Lagrangian method for Stokes-Oldroyd-B flow
 3:15-3:20 PM  Discussion  
 3:20-3:30 PM  Break  
 3:30  Invited Talk
 Chi-Wang Shu, Brown
 Discontinuous Galerkin finite element methods for
 high order nonlinear partial differential equations