Thursday, February 16, 2012

4:50 - 7:00pm Poster Setup and Dinner on your own  
7:00 – 9:00pm Poster Session Chair, Francisco Hung, Department of Chemical Engineering, Louisiana State University
  Poster Presenters: Abstracts:
  Thilanga P. Liyana-Arachchi, Louisiana State University A molecular simulation study of the adsorption of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons and ozone on atmospheric ice films
  Shivkumar Bale, Louisiana State University Computer simulation of carbon nanotubes in liquid crystalline solvents
  Josette Castell, Louisiana State University Computational network biology for systems-level functional annotation of proteins and proteomes
  Dipon Chanda, Louisiana State University Preparation and characterization of liposomes by heating method
  Oneka T.  Cummings, Louisiana Tech University Computational study of n-Alkane/water interface: The role of Alkyl chain length on interfacial width and ion distributions compared with air/water interface
  K. Fattah-Hesary, Louisiana State University Hybrid MD-continuum simulation methodology for biomolecular systems: LAMMPS-ANSYS/Fluent coupling implementation and transition to CPU/GPU high performance computing
  Alexis J. Lee, University of New Orleans New methods to treat charge transfer at the air/water interface-Discrete Charge Transfer (DCT)
  Joshua Monk, Louisiana State University Influence of pore geometry on the structural and dynamic properties of confined ionic liquids
  Rajib Mukherjee, Louisiana Tech University High performance high throughput computing of positioned nucleosomes on LONI
  Venkatesh K. Pappakrishnan, Louisiana Tech University Casimir force reversal using metamaterials
  Pattabhiraju C. Mundru, Louisiana Tech University Multishell generic cloaking device
  Nav Nadhi Rajput, Louisiana State University Molecular modeling of the ionic liquid (EMIM+][TFMSI-] inside a slit nanoporous electrode
  Ramesh Singh, Louisiana State University Dynamical heterogeneity in the ionic liquid [BMIM+][PF6] confined in a graphitic slit pore
  Marielle Soniat, University of New Orleans Charge transfer potential models for ions
  Fernando Soto, Louisiana Tech University DFT and DFT-MD study of pure and Doped-NaMgH3 (001) surface
  Jianwei Sun, Tulane University Effect of the orbital-overlap dependence on meta generalized gradient approximation
  Kai Xia, Louisiana State University Translocation of DNA mononucleotides through nanoslits in the presence of an electric field: A molecular dynamics simulation study
  Jieqiong Lin, Louisiana State University Atomistic simulation study of adsorption of Vitamin E into DMPC lipid bilayers: Implication for their antioxidant inhibition
  Jieqiong Lin, Louisiana State University Mechanistic insights into the interaction of DMSO with DMPC lipid bilayers: Implications for the development of effective cryopreservation protocols