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October 6th @ 7:30 PM; School of Music Recital Hall

Jesse Allison faculty recital of Experimental Music & Digital Media
Guest Artists: Griffin Campbell, Brett Dietz, Sarah Bartolome and the LSU Girls Choir, Nick Hwang, Corey Knoll, and the Laptop Orchestra of Louisiana

Admission $10/$5 students (Click here to buy tickets).

Sound is malleable and can be sculpted into beautiful works of sonic art.
Sound is colorful and can paint moving images for attentive listeners.
Sound is meaningful and its effect on the senses can leave a powerful impression.

These are but a few ways that experimental music may reveal the beauty of sound. On October 6th, LSU professor of Experimental Music & Digital Media, Jesse Allison will share a colorful view of electronic music, sonic arts and how performance may be shaped by emerging technology.

Along with tangles of electronics, the concert features performances by LSU Professors of Saxophone and Percussion: Griffin Campbell and Brett Dietz, GUA electronic instrumentalists Nick Hwang and Corey Knoll, the Laptop Orchestra of Louisiana, and Sarah Bartolome conducting the LSU Girls Choir.

Caution: your perspective on music may be forever tinted after attending this event.

Live Streaming: http://www.ustream.tv/channel/lsu-school-of-music