CCT Emeritus Director Joel E. Tohline (Retired in December 2013)


Effective December 13, 2010, LSU Vice Chancellor for Research & Economic Development Thomas Klei appointed Joel E. Tohline to serve as Director of the CCT. Tohline is a professor in the LSU Department of Physics & Astronomy.

Tohline earned his bachelor's degree in physics from Centenary College of Louisiana in 1974, and his Ph.D. in astronomy from the University of California, Santa Cruz in 1978. He has been employed by LSU since 1982.

Tohline has previously served as a member of the Applications Strategy Council of Internet2, on the Program Advisory Council of LIGO (Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory in Livingston Parish), as Chairman of LSU's Department of Physics & Astronomy, as Interim Executive Director of LONI (Louisiana Optical Network Initiative), and as Interim Director of LSU's Center for Applied Information Technology and Learning (now the Center for Computation & Technology).

Tohline says that since he was in high school in New Orleans 40+ years ago, most of his time as a student and, later, as a scientist and teacher has been devoted to understanding how computing and communications technologies can be effectively used to solve technically challenging problems. 

"Especially as we have moved into an era when computing and networking pervade all aspects of modern life, I am tremendously excited to have the opportunity to lead LSU's Center for Computation & Technology," Tohline said. "I expect to become involved in all aspects of the CCT's activities, which include innovative research in computational science & engineering and numerous related technologies; ties with Louisiana's promotion and advancement of digital arts and the digital entertainment industry; and educational outreach and training to high-school, college, and graduate students throughout the state."