August 3-7, 2020  

Venue: Online event.

We are pleased to announce the 2020 edition of the North American Einstein Toolkit Workshop. The Workshop to be held at the Center for Computation & Technology at Louisiana State University will provide an opportunity for researchers and students to learn about the Einstein Toolkit (https://einsteintoolkit.org/), a community-driven software platform of core computational tools to advance and support research in relativistic astrophysics and gravitational physics.

The workshop will offer a mixture of talks and tutorials, with the tutorials including basic tutorials for new users and more advanced topics. The talks will, likewise, provide information for new users and will highlight exciting science cases and the latest developments in numerical relativity. On the final day, we will discuss future directions and development

How to View:

Free to Watch the past event Here.

Sponsored by:  National Science Foundation SI2-SSI: Collaborative Research: Einstein Toolkit Community Integration and Data Exploration (#1550551)